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Brave New World: Artificial Intelligence and Freedom of Expression

Panel on Artificial Intelligence and Freedom of Expression

Brave New World: Artificial Intelligence and Freedom of Expression

Panel on Brave New World: Artificial Intelligence and Freedom of Expression

The Federal Republic of Germany Embassy, Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom and Human Rights Academy, organized one of its kind competition for AI-generated images. The topic of the competition was AI and the future of human rights. The competition gathered a broad range of interest, and more than 150 applicants were submitted to an expert jury, including an AI system that chose 15 images.

Before the exhibition of these artworks, the Federal Republic of Germany Embassy in Ankara, Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom Türkiye Office and Human Rights Academy jointly organized a thought-provoking panel in Ankara, shedding light on the intricate relationship between artificial intelligence (AI) and freedom of expression. The event, titled "Brave New World: Artificial Intelligence and Freedom of Expression," aimed to explore the implications of AI advancements on the fundamental right to express oneself freely in the digital age.

The panel began with a keynote speech from Mr Henning Simon, Envoy of Germany to Turkey. He talked about how it is getting harder to differentiate between AI-generated facts and images and real images. He emphasized that the struggle to determine will get more complex.

Following Mr Simon's speech, Ms Beate Apelt, Head of Friedrich Naumann Foundation Türkiye Office, talked about the foundation's commitment to promoting democratic values and safeguarding human rights in the face of emerging technologies. Mrs Elif Menderes, Director of the Human Rights Academy, emphasized the importance of addressing the ethical implications of AI regarding freedom of expression.

Prof. Catrin Misselhorn, an expert in AI and philosophy from Göttingen University, delivered a lecture titled "Ethics, Artificial Intelligence, and Journalism." Prof. Misselhorn delved into the historical progression of AI practices, illuminating AI's transformative role in shaping technology. She underscored the need for a comprehensive understanding of the ethical considerations of AI implementation in all fields, urging responsible adoption and usage.

The subsequent segment of the panel, moderated by journalist Zeynep Gürcanlı, explored the question, "What Does the Rise of Artificial Intelligence Mean for Freedom of Expression and the Future of Journalism?" Esteemed panellist Prof. Erkan Saka shared his insights, underscoring the dual nature of AI's impact on journalism and customer service domains. Prof. Saka acknowledged the potential benefits of AI while cautioning against its potential to curtail freedom of expression. He called for a reasonable approach to harnessing AI's enormous potential, emphasizing the critical importance of ethical considerations and responsible usage. Dr Sarphan Uzunoğlu, the Managing Director of NewsLabTurkey, offered a comprehensive analysis of the broader effects of media and digitization on society. Dr Uzunoğlu highlighted the profound transformations that digital technologies, including AI, have brought to the media landscape, underscoring the need for media professionals to adapt and respond to these dynamic changes.

The panel concluded with an engaging question and answer session, allowing participants further to explore the topic's intricacies and exchange insights. The event served as a platform for stakeholders from various fields to unite, fostering a rich and diverse dialogue on the evolving relationship between AI and freedom of expression.

This panel underscore the commitment to promoting open dialogue, critical thinking, and protecting fundamental rights in the face of rapid technological advancements. By fostering a deeper understanding of the intersection between AI and freedom of expression, the panel aimed to contribute to a more informed and inclusive discourse surrounding the challenges and opportunities presented by AI in the realm of human rights and democratic values.

Following the panel discussion, a reception was held with the winning artworks.

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