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The Human Rights Academy (HRA) was established in 2020 through the solidarity of civil society and academia to transform human rights courses into an institutional and regular structure, and a Consultative Board consisting of expert names was formed.


The purpose of the HRA is to address the gap in human rights education within undergraduate or postgraduate studies through various activities, to enhance and disseminate knowledge of human rights in Türkiye, and to provide human rights education to individuals working in various fields who need training in human rights.


The Academy's first course was physically held in March 2020, but due to the pandemic, the format of the Academy was converted to online education, and activities began to be organized through online platforms. The Academy organized a basic level human rights course, and various forums and workshops were organized to implement the knowledge gained in these courses. In addition to courses organized for a limited group, open lectures with prominent international human rights lawyers were conducted and published to increase the level of human rights knowledge in society.


In response to demands from graduates and various sectors, advanced courses for those with basic level human rights knowledge and thematic courses for topics that received intense interest in various courses were organized. Additionally, due to many participants being in the thesis writing process, an Academic Mentorship program aimed at connecting participants with experts who could guide them besides their advisors was launched. Many HRA graduates were connected with expert academics in their field.


The HRA organized the "Human Rights Career Day" for the first time in Türkiye. In different sessions attended by hundreds of participants, experts introduced career opportunities in human rights across many fields, from academia to politics, civil society to the field, international institutions to commercial life.


Among over 15,000 applications for the courses organized by the Human Rights Academy, only groups of 25 people can be selected for each course. Participants who are selected for the courses and successfully complete them become part of the extensive alumni network of the Human Rights Academy. Our alumni network of over 300 individuals frequently comes together through various workshops, film screenings, panels, open lectures, and international programs.


The main partner and supporter of the HRA is the Friedrich Naumann Foundation Türkiye Office, and from time to time, it collaborates with different national and international organizations on a program-focused basis.

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