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Since 2020, the Human Rights Academy (HRA) has been organizing various courses to address the lack of education in the field of human rights in Turkey, and it has been helping to raise awareness of human rights through different activities. The Academy, which organizes courses at national and international levels with its wide alumni network and distinguished instructor staff, has added a new course to its basic level courses and launched “4th International Promotion and the Protection of Human Rights". 


In this program, which is the second course of the 2022 season, the theoretical and historical evaluation of human rights will be carried out, followed by human rights protection mechanisms and the development of human rights in Turkey. After these courses, various expert academics will explain different aspects of various human rights. The course, in total, consists of 14 lessons for eight weeks.


At the end of this eight-week marathon, participants will be both parts of HRA's extensive alumni network, and they will be able to benefit from the opportunities provided, and if they meet the conditions, they will be entitled to receive a certificate.


A total of 28 participants will be selected for the course to be held between 13 April – 01 June 2022.


Application Dates: March 10, 2022 - March 18, 2022

Who Can Apply?

Those who are at least third-year students or graduates from the fields of political science, international relations, law, public administration, economics, economics, finance, cultural studies, women's studies, human rights, sociology, and psychology can apply.

How Will the Courses Be Taught?

The program will take place in the form of a video conference every week between April 13 and June 01, on Saturdays between 10:30-13:30, and on Wednesdays between 18:00-21:00. A certificate will be given to the participants who participate in 80% of the program with the camera and audio connection and are found successful by the trainers. As part of the program, participants will be provided with a reading package covering related topics. In this direction, each lesson will take place in two stages: In the first stage, technical information about the current week's topic will be delivered by the trainer, and in the next stage, a discussion environment and applied case studies will be provided to the participants in which they can be actively involved.


Conceptual and Historical Development of Human Rights

In this course, which Prof. Dr. Oktay Uygun will give, a general introduction to the theory of human rights will be made. Followingly, the historical development and internationalization of human rights and definitions of the concept of human rights will be covered. In this course, in which human rights generations will be explained, a theoretical background will be created for the next courses.

Development of Human Rights Law in Turkey

In this course, Turkey's human rights adventure will be covered, which will include many milestones such as Turkey's participation in the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Covenant of Civil and Political Rights, its signing of the European Convention on Human Rights, and its recognition of the jurisdiction of the Court.


Formation and Development of the UN Human Rights System

Piri Reis University Faculty of Law faculty member Dr. M. Gözde Atasayan will discuss the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the International Covenant of Civil and Political Rights, and other human rights protection mechanisms of the United Nations.


European Convention on Human Rights and Control Mechanisms

In the fifth session, one of the most significant elements of the human rights adventure of Turkey, the European Convention on Human Rights and its protection mechanism, the European Court of Human Rights, and the impacts of the European Convention on Human Rights will be discussed.


Freedom of Thought and Expression

In this course, in which freedom of thought and expression will be covered, the limits of freedom of expression, the definitions of freedom of expression and thought in various legal systems and case-laws will be explained and discussed in the context of various court cases.


Right to Liberty and Security and the Right to a Fair Trial

In this course, various aspects of the right to personal freedom and security and the right to a fair trial will be covered by Istanbul University Faculty of Law faculty member Prof. Dr. Adem Sözüer. Court case law and ECHR decisions will also discuss measures such as arrest and various aspects of the right to a fair trial.


Asylum Seeker and Refugee Rights

In this course, which will be given by Istanbul Bar Association Human Rights Center President Attorney Tuğçe Duygu Köksal, international protection, the right to asylum, national and international legislation on refugees will be covered, and the questions of the participants will be answered.


Gender from a Human Rights Perspective

The historical, theoretical, and practical aspects of women's rights, LGBTI+ rights, and their inclusion in human rights will be covered during the course, and also the impact of gender theory on human rights will be examined.


Children's Rights

In this course, children driven to crime, security measures, National and international protection mechanisms will be covered.


Human Rights from the Field - Interview: Being a Human Rights Defender in the Civil Field

This course will be held with Veysel Ok, Co-Director of the Media and Legal Studies Association and attorney for many high-profile ECHR cases. During the course, the difficulties, subtleties, and various aspects of defending human rights on the ground will be explained, and the participants' questions will be answered.


Ecological Perspective on the Environmental Rights

In this course, where the right to the environment will be covered, the inclusion of environmental rights in the theory of human rights will be explained. This course, which will cover the impact of green policies on the right to the environment and its various aspects, will be given by Bahçeşehir University Faculty of Law Lecturer Dr. Serkan Köybaşı.

Human Rights Workshop

During this workshop, the knowledge gained by the participants throughout the course will be put into practice. The participants, divided into groups, will present their views on a given topic and share them with the other participants.


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