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     The third forum of the Human Rights Academy was held with the Advanced Course participants on International Protection and Promotion of Human Rights II. For the forum, three topics were decided with the participants' requests: refugee rights, gender studies and children's rights. Participants of the course were divided into groups and worked on these three topics. They shared their presentations which they prepared with their groups in the session.

     The refugee rights group was accompanied by the Human Resource Development Foundation Refugee Program Director Duygu Yıldırım and Att. Barış Birol. The refugee rights group first discussed the legal position of refugees under Law No. 6458, and then the sociological aspect of the global refugee crisis was discussed.

     For the gender studies group, Dr Reyda Ergün was there. The issue of gender was studied in united alliances, strategic litigation, and political correctness.

Dr Aslıhan Öztezel accompanied the child's rights group; current issues were discussed in child labour, equality of opportunity and interests of the child.

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