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    In addition to the academy's courses, workshops are organized with trainers so that participants can apply what they have learned.

    We organize our workshops with the motto of "finding solutions to suddenly developed problems together". We do not inform the participants about the workshop subject and method beforehand. We divide the participants into groups at the very beginning of the workshop, depending on the size of the group. We either give the groups a common topic and ask them to discuss it from different dimensions, or to discuss different topics according to the educational background of the group. This one-hour joint discussion session is followed by producing solutions together in the second hour. Group members prepare their political and legal solutions to the problem at hand. In the third hour, each group presents their solution to the general assembly and the issue is discussed with suggestions and criticisms.

    The first workshop was conducted with participants from the first and second courses alumni. Prof. Dr. Oktay Uygun, Assoc. Prof. Olgun Akbulut and Dr. Lami Bertan Tokuzlu moderated the workshop.

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