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Since 2020, the Human Rights Academy (HRA) has been organizing various courses to address the lack of education in the field of human rights in Turkey. It has been helping to raise awareness of human rights through different activities. The Human Rights Academy organizes courses at the national and international levels with its wide alumni network and distinguished instructor team. Now, HRA is organizing the “Freedom of Speech During the Pandemic Photography Competition" by adding a new one to its activities.

The HRA addressed the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on human rights from various aspects through forums, workshops, courses and open lectures. Undoubtedly, one of the most critical areas where the impact of the pandemic was felt was freedom of expression; we went through a challenging period for freedom of expression due to the impossibility of meetings and demonstrations and the restriction of activities in public areas.

The HRA is waiting for photos reflecting the effects of the pandemic on freedom of expression. The selected works will be exhibited with a panel at the German Consulate General in Istanbul and Ankara Embassy, with Gerhart Baum, the former German Interior Minister. The competition winners will also be asked to tell the stories of these photographs in the panels.



submissions from different cities


total number of applications

5.000 TL

First Place

3.000 TL

Second Place

2.000 TL

Third Place

500 TL

15 Photos

15 photos will be paid a royalty of 500 TL

Application period has ended.
The results will be announced via e-mail.

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