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February 09 - March 26, 2022

Since 2020, the Human Rights Academy has been organizing various courses to address the lack of education in the field of human rights in Turkey and ensure the dissemination of human rights awareness through different activities. The Human Rights Academy, which organizes studies at the national and international level with its vast alumni network and distinguished instructor staff, starts the 2022 season with the "Political Participation Rights Thematic Course".

In this program, which is the second thematic course of the Academy, political participation will be discussed from various aspects, and fair analysis of the subject will be made with distinguished trainers. At the beginning of this program, which will consist of 7 weeks and 13 sessions, the theory of democracy will be examined from various aspects. Then the evolution of democracy in Turkey will be evaluated. In the continuation of this, the right to vote and to be elected will be examined, and the development of the political rights of various groups will be analyzed.


As the course continues, the issue of elections, which is one of the essential tools for the realization of democracy, will be discussed. In the following, political party and political party freedoms will be explained in the context of the right to a political association. The effects of digitalization on media and politics will be examined. At the end of this seven-week marathon, the participants will be able to take advantage of the opportunities provided to the alumni as part of the HRA's vast alumni network, and a certificate will be given to the participants who meet the conditions.

A total of 25 participants will be selected for the course, which will be held between February 9 and March 26, 2022.

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