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Sept. 22 - Nov. 6 2021

Thematic Course

Human Rights Academy has added a new thematic course to its curriculum and organized "Human Rights of Vulnerable Groups Thematic Course". During the course, the rights of "Women-Children-LGBTİ+ and Minorities" were introduced by expert lecturers. Several forums were instrumental for participants to use their earned knowledge.

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Women's Rights

Dr. F. Ceren Akçabay Karataş

In the first chapter of the course, Dr. F. Ceren Akçabay from Okan University Faculty of Law has given two lectures: "Women's Movement in Turkey and the World" and "Gender Equality and Rights Struggle". Then the participants shared their ideas on the issue on a forum titled "Being a Women in Turkey".

Children's Rights

Att. Erinç Argün
Dr. Esra Ercan Bilgiç

In the second chapter, the issue of "Children's Rights" was discussed with Att. Erinç Argün from UNHCR and Dr. Esra Ercan Bilgiç from İstanbul Bilgi University. Att. Argün gave lectures on "Children's Rights in National and International Instruments" and "Refugee Children". Dr. Bilgiç gave a lecture on "Child in the Digital Age". 

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Miro [Kurtarılan]_Çalışma Yüzeyi 1.png

LGBTİ + Rights

Dr. Reyda Ergün

In the third chapter of the course; the issue of "LGBTI + Rights" has been discussed with Dr. Reyda Ergün from Kadir Has University Women's Studies Center. Dr. Ergün has given two lectures; one was titled "Gender and The Role of Law in the Foundation of Sexuality: Norms, Identites and Bodies" second one was titled "Sexual Orientation and Sexual Identity from Human Rights Perspective". After these two lectures; a forum was organized titled "Struggle and Social Movement in the Fields of Gender and Sexuality"

Minority Rights

Dr. Olgun Akbulut

In the fourth and last chapter of the course the issue of "Minority Rights" was discussed with Kadir Has University Faculty member and HRA Academic Advisor Dr. Olgun Akbulut. He has given two lectures on "Who is Minority?" and "What are the Minority Rights?". After two lectures, a forum titled "Minorities in Turkey" was organized in order to have the outputs from participants.

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Arda Topçu

This course, expanding to two months, was inspiring and eye opening. It was a detailed introduction on human rights of vulnerable groups. I followed each lecture with excitement 

Regular forums helped us to discuss what we learned and share our views with each other. So I think that the course was highly productive. I thank each trainer and FNF Human Rights Academy for this course.

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Melisa Özhan

I learned a lot from valuable experts on the field with Human Rights of Vulnerable Groups. It helped me to gain confidence on human rights advocacy. I had the oppourtunity to blend my field cinema with human rights knowledge with legal framework. Every second of it was meaningful and productive.

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