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International Summer School on Security and/or Human Rights

The Human Rights Academy is pleased to announce the fourth edition of the traditional annual summer school on "Security and Human Rights: Unpacking the Dilemma of Migration Policies." This comprehensive program, to be held in Mardin, Türkiye from 26-30 June 2024, aims to explore the critical intersection between security and human rights through migration policies.


Fundamental, advanced level and thematic course have been initiated.


More than 300 alumni


more than 15.000 applications have been received.


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About Us

Human Rights Academy is a project created in 2020 as a result of the coming together of civil society and academia to disseminate human rights education.

Board of Advisors

The Advisory Board, comprising experts in various fields of human rights, plays a role in the planning of events and the Academy's strategy.


We organise our courses with our strong instructor staff consisting of academics and civil society workers working in the field of human rights.

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